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School Curriculum

Together, we strive to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging environment within our Christian ethos of kindness and respect.

We share a passion for life-long learning and strive for the best for ourselves, others and the World.

Children are encouraged to become independent, curious and resilient learners with the ability to learn from their mistakes and accept challenges.

At Dilton Marsh C of  E Primary School we accept the widest possible definition of the word curriculum “All that is experienced in school, whether planned or unplanned”. This definition encompasses concepts such as ethos, crucial to our definition as a church school, and holds the school accountable for the conscious and unconscious lessons it teaches the children in our care.

We have designed our curriculum to prepare our children for their future.  We recognise that a curriculum has to be broad, balanced and offer pupils opportunities to grow as individuals as well as learners.  Our children come from a range of backgrounds and we believe the role of our curriculum is to give everyone an equal chance of success in everything we do.  Everyone is valued and everyone has a part to play in our school community.  We are a caring, nurturing school and have faith that through inclusion everyone has the potential to succeed.  Our knowledge of the children and our community shows demonstrates that opportunities are not equal for all; through our curriculum we attempt to even this out and give further opportunities outside of the classroom. 

Believing in ‘Nothing is impossible with God’ enables pupils at Dilton Marsh to have the strength to challenge, believing all things are possible, and inspired by the stories about Jesus to have courage and strength.  Our aim at Dilton Marsh CofE Primary School is to ‘grow’ individuals who have aspirations and are able to make positive contributions to our future society. 

If you require any additional information regarding Dilton Marsh Curriculum please contact your class teacher or the Headteacher.