2 students building model boat


Attendance at school is compulsory and a legal requirement.

At Dilton Marsh CE Primary School we are committed to equality of opportunity for its pupils and will work alongside parents and pupils to enable tall children to maximise their attendance and their access to the curriculum.

  • Education prepares children for life, is precious and is a right to which every child is entitled. 
  • Regular attendance underpins children achieving their full potential. 
  • Absence from school can disrupt a child's continuity of learning and can cause anxiety for the child. Not only do they miss essential learning, many children find it difficult to catch up when they return and may struggle to participate confidently alongside their peers. 
  • Attendance and punctuality are valuable life skills.

Any leave of absence must be applied for in writing. Absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances by the Headteacher.