Who are we?

Chair – Jennifer Johnson

Vice-Chair – Beccie Durham

Secretary – Role to be taken on as a rolling programme by FODS members

Treasurer – Jo Lambert and Leanne Smith
We have a very active Parent link in the “Friends of Dilton School” (FODS). 'FODS' make a substantial contribution to the social life of the School, school funds and extra curricular activities. This cannot just be measured in financial terms. As a body it is a very real link between School and Home, its members are on hand at the majority of school functions with refreshments and generous help.
We all have a vested interest in the 'FODS', as their contributions to the School benefit all of our children. New members are always very welcome!
Please see the weekly newsletter for the date of the next meeting. 
There's that old time saying 'Many hands make light work' and couldn't be more apt with FODS. You can help in any way you possibly can from putting out tables and chairs, serving up drinks, supervision at the discos and film nights and much more. Anything is something and we'd always really appreciate any help and support.
Your FODS Class Representatives are:
Lime Class - Liz Fisher & Claire Puntis
Cherry Class - Angie Gibbs, Melissa Stevens & Aimee Derrick
Ash Class - Dani Elliot & Debbie Pearce
Willow Class - Sarah Church & Beccie Durham
Chestnut Class - Leanne Smith & Pauline Sloper
Beech Class - Melissa Long & Catherine Wiltcher
Oak Class - Jo Lambert & Lucy Budd 
Another way to financially help our children is by using the website 'The Giving Machine' when you shop online from the comfort of your own soft. Please find more information in the next tab of the FODS page.
You can contact us by emailing FODS@diltonmarsh.wilts.sch.uk