Our School Uniform 
Our policy on school uniform is based on the belief that school uniform: 
  • promotes a sense of pride in our school
  • helps to create a sense of community and belonging
  • supports our commitment to inclusion 
  • is practical, smart and appropriate for the learning environment within our school 
  • is affordable and easy to source 
Our school consists of: 
  • Book bag with school logo
Autumn / Winter terms: 
  • Grey or white polo shirt, with or without school logo
  • Maroon school sweatshirts or cardigans with school logo 
  • Black or grey trousers, skirts or pinafores
  • Maroon fleece jacket with school logo (optional) 
  • Black or grey tights / socks 
  • Winter coat
Spring / Summer terms:
  • Grey or white polo shirt, with or without school logo
  • Black or grey shorts
  • Maroon checked summer dress
  • Sunhats must be worn during the summer
  • Waterproof jacket
Sensible dark shoes - no hells, open toes, flip flops or trainers
For PE and games 
  • Coloured plain T-shirt (matching house team colour - red, blue, yellow or green)
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls / trainers
  • In winter a plain tracksuit can be worn (optional). Please no large logos or hooded tops
  • Watches, mobile phones or jewellery should not be brought into school
  • Stud earrings may be worn, but should be removed or taped over for physical activities
  • Long hair must be tied back during the school day. No extreme hair cuts (including shaved, lines or dyed) 
  • No make up or nail varnish 
  • No ruck sacks or bags other than a book bag
Where to purchase uniform 
Uniform with the school logo (jumper, cardigan, fleece and book bags) can be purchased from Scholars either online or from their Warminster shop in George Street. 
Generally other non-logo items can be purchased at a reasonable cost at most large supermarkets. 
Lost property 
We do ask that all items of clothing are clearly named (and those names checked regularly) so that we can return any named items to the owner. You will appreciate that lost unnamed items of school uniform are so similar that ownership can be untraceable. 
Second hand uniform 
FODS (Friends of Dilton Marsh Primary School) will open a shop to sell recycled uniform items. Look out for dates on our newsletters. 
If you have any questions about our school uniform then please contact the school office.