Music plays an important part in the life of our school. The curriculum encourages children to actively participate in performing, creating and responding to sounds from different times and places.
All children sing regularly as part of our whole school worship and in classes as part of the music curriculum. They are also encouraged to perform and create music using pitched and unpitched instruments and music technology.
Children learn a variety of ways to record their musical work from traditional staff notation to the use of laptops and tablets. They can talk about their ideas using musical terminology effectively, accurately and appropriately. They are encouraged to explore their ideas fully in an environment where imagination and appreciation are keys to success.
In addition to the music curriculum, there are further opportunities for children to pursue a passion for the subject. Visiting peripatetic teachers offer tuition in violin, piano, keyboard, singing and guitar but these lessons incur extra costs. Some children choose to take grade exams if and when they feel ready.
The school choir is also very popular and perform regularly both during our church services and to the wider community at local concerts. Recent events have included performances at the Bath Christmas Markets and a concert with the Military Wives.