Essential Characteristics of Music:

A rapidly widening repertoire which they use to create original, imaginative, fluent and distinctive composing and performance work.
A musical understanding underpinned by high levels of aural perception, internalisation and knowledge of music, including high or rapidly developing levels of technical expertise.
Very good awareness and appreciation of different musical traditions and genres.
An excellent understanding of how musical provenance – the historical, social and cultural origins of music – contributes to the diversity of musical styles.
The ability to give precise written and verbal explanations, using musical terminology effectively, accurately and appropriately.
A passion for and commitment to a diverse range of musical activities.
Music plays an important part of the life of our school. Activities include singing, percussion and elementary music reading. Our choir regularly perform during our church services and to a wider community at local concerts.  Instrumental tuition i.e. f lute, violin, piano, guitar, and clarinet is available but parents have to bear the costs.