26th May 2017

This week has seen investigations galore in every class. STEM week has been a great success! There has been a Maths trail around our grounds, pirate challenges, digestive system investigations, woodwork bridges, invention competitions, floating and sinking, bouncy eggs, school made lava lamps and a strong smell of vinegar around school. The children have been discussing fair tests and results in each classroom. The finale this morning was a House Challenge with a watery theme. “Who can build a floating boat to carry the greatest amount of cubes?” Sounds simple? Except they were only given a limited amount of resources which included tissue paper, string, paper clips and foil! Some ingenious designs were made as prototypes before each House voted on their final boat to go through to the grand testing in the hall. The winners were Kestrel who earnt themselves 100 house points as a prize! Well done Team Kestrel lots of great ideas and team work.