Engaging children and young people in investigating questions about people and events in the past helps them to better understand their own lives today, the contested nature of knowledge and prepares them for the future as more informed citizens.
Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum Final Report
History learning and teaching at Dilton Marsh follows an enquiry-based approach teaching essential subject knowledge whilst emphasising the importance of allowing enough time and opportunity for pupils to master key subject skills and challenging outcomes through investigating focussed content at greater depth.  
Humanities (History and Geography) are taught over alternate terms throughout the year to ensure sufficient time to delve deeper into a Key Question for the term. Working as Historians, children answer Ancillary Questions to enable them to answer the Key Question using a range of high quality resources.
Our History curriculum places emphasis on the progression of critical thinking skills and oracy with pupils increasing their ability to confidently and appropriately use subject vocabulary, historial terms and language balanced with developing increasing levels of knowledge and understanding of subject content, concepts and chronology. We aim to offer every child the opportunity to experience history first-hand through a range of visitors, trips and local experiences.