Essential characteristics of French:

  • A willingness to have a go and join in with a wide variety of activities

  • Curiosity and tolerance for differences in how we speak and live in France and at home

  • The ability to listen to different sounds and to imitate them

  • To look at patterns in the French language and to try to apply them

  • Resilience and perseverance when French can be very different from English

Pupils in all year groups experience learning a language regularly. All classes have a weekly French session with our specialist language teacher starting with reception class. The pupils quickly get used to how different French sounds compared to English and enjoy joining in with lots of different activities, games and songs to practice everyday topics like colours, animals, numbers, hobbies, sports, food, shopping and much more. As the listening, speaking, reading skills and a little writing builds up pupils leave Year 6 ready for learning French and other Foreign languages at secondary school.