Child Internet Safety

Child Internet Safety
In Touch with Technology News: Our termly online safety newsletter for parents
Keeping your child safe in a digital world
You may be aware that the internet hosts many exciting opportunities for education and recreation. The online world is a wonderful place for young people to explore, with unprecedented opportunities for learning and creativity, but just like the real world there are risks and dangers they should be aware of and which we should all act to protect them from.
Children at Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning. In school, we have regular ‘Online-safety’ activities to remind children of the importance of keeping themselves safe online. At home, sometimes children can be given unsupervised access to the Internet. This, potentially, allows them to access all kinds of society (both good and bad) and bring them virtually into their homes.
We aim to:
  • enable children to become confident, resourceful, enquiring and independent learners;
  • foster children’s self-esteem, and help them to build positive relationships with other people;
  • develop children’s self-respect, encourage them to understand the ideas, attitudes and values of others, and teach them to respect other people’s feelings;
  • show respect for a diverse range of cultures and, in so doing, to promote positive attitudes towards other people;
  • enable children to understand their community, and help them feel valued as part of it;
  • help children grow into reliable, independent and positive citizens.
Through effective online safety teaching, safeguarding and a positive relationship built on trust, we aim to help our children grow in a digital world. 
The following websites will give you and your child more information about staying safe online:
In Touch with Technology News
Each term we produce and send out a copy of our Online Safety Newsletter to all parents. This includes updates on websites, things to try at home and suggestions for safe use of the internet and mobile technology.