Assessment at Dilton Marsh School

Assessment happens all the time - the best assessment is the knowledge of each child that a Teacher carries around in their head.


However it is important that we have systems and processes in place to ensure that each and every child is achieving their very best, so that we can identify and then intervene for those who are not making as much progress as we would like.


Following the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2014 and the end of 'levels' we have worked hard to create a new assessment system which we call the 'Steps'.  This is explained in the following document.

This system is used as targets for children, so they know the next steps in their learning; is used to communicate attainment to parents; and is used by the school to measure the progress of every child.


The rigorous processes we use to monitor and track children's progress are summarised in the following document.


By following these processes we ensure the very best outcomes we can for all our pupils.