Academy Council

Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School Academy Council – Governing Body

As a member of the Acorn Education Trust the structure of the Academy Council and its responsibilities are set out in the Acorn Education Trust Scheme of delegation.

The Academy Council plays a vital role in the governance and accountability of Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School. The Academy Council is made up of Governors who want to make a positive contribution to all our children’s education.

The Academy Council acts as a critical friend of the school.  They work closely with the Headteacher and make decisions collectively as a team. They conduct their business through meetings, using relevant documents and advice from the Headteacher for guidance.

The Academy Council meet four times a year as a whole body. Governors usually serve a four year term on the Governing Body. The Academy Councillors are expected to attend regular training  in order to enable them to continue developing a better understanding of the role on the Academy Council, what they should expect to understand and how they should be supporting/challenging the Leadership team.

When there is a vacancy for a parent-governor, all parents are informed and asked if they wish to join. If there are more applicants than places, a secret ballot is arranged.

If you would like to speak to the Chair of Academy Council please contact the school who will put you in touch.

Our members

 Name  Position Held
 Date of
 Date term of
office ends
Business &
 Mrs Jill Hibbs  Headteacher  07/01/2019  
 Ex-officio by virtue of
office as Headteacher
 Mrs Melinda Graves  Co-Chair/Parent  18/01/2017  17/01/2021  Elected by parents  None
 Mr Joseph Durham Co-Chair/Parent 20/06/2018 19/06/2022 Elected by parents  None
 Mr Ian Cunningham  Foundation  22/11/2015  21/11/2019  Appointed by Foundation/Trust Chair, Westbury Junior School
 Rev Caroline Husband  Foundation  25/02/2019  24/02/2023  Appointed by Foundation/Trust  None
 Mr John Bullen  Staff  18/01/2017  17/01/2021  Elected by school staff  None
 Mrs Hilary Fairfield  Community  02/10/2019  01/10/2023  Appointed by Academy members  None
 Miss Caroline Thomas  Community  02/10/2019
 Appointed by Academy members  None
 Mrs Nicola Duke  Parent  02/10/2019  01/10/2023  Appointed by Academy members None