The Dilton Dozen


The Dilton Dozen


At Dilton Marsh C of E School, we believe that your child’s reading experience is much, much more than the reading book which comes home from school. Reading is happening all the time in the classroom and around school. Not only is it taught in specific reading and Literacy lessons, but the children are practising and using their ‘reading’ constantly across all curriculum subjects. Put another way, a child’s ‘reading journey’ begins with ‘learning to read’ and moves on into ‘reading to learn’.


However, reading for fun – for just ten minutes a day – will not only improve your child’s academic ability, but will also create precious family memories which will last long after the book is put down.


“When children get older and learn to read for themselves, it can be tempting for parents to step back and let them continue their reading adventures alone. However, research shows the enjoyment of reading, developed through shared reading time with parents or carers, has a significant positive impact on a wide range of life outcomes, including social, personal, health and well-being, and educational. It is now widely acknowledged that children who enjoy reading will read more often and this helps them do better at school, even in subjects like maths.”                                            

(Diana Gerald, chief executive at BookTrust)


With this in mind, we have launched The Dilton Dozen; a dozen recommended* books for each year group, for you to share with your child. The titles will be updated three times a year. You could challenge yourselves to read all of the titles per term, using the tick boxes to keep track of your progress.


We would love to hear what you think of any of the book titles read – would you recommend them to a friend – and would encourage you and your child to write a book review, which we could display in our library, to encourage other families to read that particular book.


Happy Reading!

  • Please note these are recommended titles and parents/carers should check suitability of books for their own child.

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