Oak and Beech Visit Stonehenge

3rd October 2016

Oak and Beech Visit Stonehenge – Monday 3rd October 2016

We certainly walked in ‘Footprints from the Past’ when we visited Stonehenge on Monday. The skies were blue, the sun shone and the weather remained kind to us for the whole day - a welcome change to weather experienced on previous school visits to the site!

Walking to the stone circle, through Fargo Woods, the children were not only able to experience what a native woodland of the time might have been like, but were also able to imagine how their distant ancestors would have felt when they first saw the stone circle appear on the horizon.

Climbing the huge burial mounds ( barrows ), the children had their first clear view of the stones and could appreciate the actual size of the Neolithic Stone Circle and get some sense of the mammoth task the building of the monument would have been.

Closer to, the children were able to accurately identify the bluestones, Sarsen stones and Aubrey Holes, but were especially keen to find the Slaughter Stone which – due to the fine weather – did not live up to expectations; remaining resolutely grey in the bright sunshine.

Tired legs carried all back to the visitor centre to enjoy packed lunches, a walk around the museum, and the Neolithic huts on site, before a jolly sing-song of a journey back to school. It was a memorable day for all – certain legs will be remembering the day more memorably than others – and one on which the children shone brighter than the sun.

A special thank you must go to Mrs Elkins, Miss Bailey, Mrs Ryan, Mr Farndale, Mr Cooper and Mrs Reeves who made this visit possible. Thank you!