Biscuit Election

8th June 2017

This week Election Fever has gripped not only the country but Dilton Marsh C of E Primary School as we took part in our Biscuit Election.

Biscuits were chosen and parties were duly formed complete with Leaders and Deputy Leaders voted on by the other party members. Manifestoes were written and party political broadcasts made. (We are currently trying to get the video clips of the party political broadcasts to upload onto the website)

Our Parties were as follows;

  • The Shortbread Party,

  • The Party Ring Party,

  • The Oreo Party,

  • The Custard Cream Party,

  • The Jammie Dodger Party and

  • The Cookie Party.

The children have been canvasing for votes all week with posters displayed around school and leaflets being delivered to each classroom. Each party made themselves a rosette to wear. Every time I left my office I would return to find another poster displayed in my room asking me to vote for a biscuit.

On Thursday the Outdoor Classroom was then turned into a Polling Station complete with Polling booths. Signs were placed throughout school pointing the way to go. Polling cards were handed out and Ballot papers produced. The Polling Station was manned with keen helpers ready to mark off voters as they arrived. Every child and adult in school were invited to vote for their favourite biscuit.

There was great excitement as the children choose which biscuit to put their cross next too. Then this morning the votes have been counted and verified by Chestnut and Willow Class and a winner has been announced.

The Oreo Party Won with 74 votes.  Maybe it was the catchy phrase of “Twist it, Eat it, Vote for it!” that helped votes choose Oreo.

So at playtime today all the children were presented with an Oreo for their snack whether they voted for it or not. An important messages was learnt that we all had a vote, yet it isn’t necessarily the biscuit we voted for that won.

The children and staff in Willow and Chestnut class have led a fabulous campaign enthusing everybody with Election Fever. I understand our Biscuit election was even talked about in the Memorial Hall Polling Station.